Depend on what you want to loot! Current map's nicest spots are specialized!

Note : Location who appear on the track menu would be colored in blue

Savior outpost

Contain a few hard to loot tiers 4 weapons (AK47, M60, P90, UZI), as long as cars and motor bikes. But this area lack in Armor pieces.

Warehouse (Vega Zeta Solar Distribution)

Contain nice armor pieces, but lack in vehicles, weapons by variety. Its a good medicine looting area

CDC (Center of disease control)

Have both nicest armor and weapons, but somehow contain more tiers 2 armor and tiers 3 weapons. Still a good looting place for P90.


Contain lots of "garage" like loots. You may either find nice cars by pieces, or melee weapons.

The Sanctuary

This place have the highest range of loots, but since, there is not so much loots inside, either you may be happy or staying Hungry about tiers 4 weapons, armor piece, or vehicles.


Players usually miss that spot, because of his size and the quantity of low tiers loots. If you'r aware of where to look for, all the good loots are in the same place! In front of the theater, or you may find cars inside a disused factory, outside of it.

Hilltop Colony

Contain a nice amount of medicine, along as food and a few low tiers material.


Contain a lots of "police" like loots. Might be a nice area if your searching for specific things.

The school safe zone

Surrounding have nice low tiers equipment.

Grady memorial hospital

The militarized area just outside of it have nice loots, but the inside takes too long to visit for what it pays.

The Greene's farm

Contain a few "police" like loots if you know where to look for! (basement)


This small town is a really great looting area for low ranked players! You have the police station, The hospital, The temporary military camp, and the Morgan's lookout.

The West Georgia Correctional Facility (prison)

Prison is "the" place if you want to store armor by set and tiers 3 weapons; along as Barrett .50 Cal!


For starter's loots, have a few nice area to plunder : The church, the office building and a disused 3 floors factory(Grantville mill).


This place, have a few good loots who goes from tiers 2 armor, tiers 3 weapons along as vehicles.


Inside the fortified area, contain a few tiers 3 weapons (G36C), and some nice armor pieces; along as melee weapons.

Big Spot

Contain a high range of loots. I guess I've never used to loots the sames items from time to time. Don't forget to plunder the crashed helicopter on his roof ;)


Have poor but adequate starter loots. You may have to loot the whole place to find a single vehicles, but it may contain a few tiers 3 weapons (Spas, Mossenberg).

Tractor place

Have a few nice starters loots who also contain vehicles.

The following area have such poor loots that I suggest to leave them : Gabriel's church

, Sharps burg

, Griffin surrounding

. (unless we talk about "The wolf hideout (Del Arno food)"), Shire-wilt

, Hampton

, The quarry

, and his surrounding, Kingdom

, surrounding.

A few Honorable mention : Haralson

(Verlin feed & seeds company), Newnan

's car wash, Gaz Station

, Kingsbury's gas station, north west Atlanta suburbs (to loot while hunting players who pass by), Atlanta south church near School, Atlanta post office, drugstore and military office near the CDC, The 2-3 floors office building in the north of Atlanta, Blocked by police cars and tanks main Atlanta streets, Griffin clock-tower / Mayor office, Griffin Abigail Yatch (boat), Alexandria surrounding, Carol's house near Kingdom, The savior's water tower, along with the nearby farm and the "Steve's pharmacy"

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