The main mining dead page on HAVOC website suggest a starter guide, who is announced as coming soon.

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Many forum post, and wikia page's already exit on many topic. I hope this small list help you find an answer!

In-game information (First draft)

Search on this wikia to find basic information including :

Supported topic : Voting, monthly bonus, skulls, safe-zone, resource pack, vehicles
Chat support
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Problem solving, support ticket and report
about staff
About bug / and prevention
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Forum guide and support

In January 2017, the 2 tutorial server have been closed since the game-play information was no longer accurate.
June 2016 Official guide
December 2016 support guide (2th map version)
December 2016 unofficial guide
2th map car guide (same gameplay)
If required a more detailed Current content page, about TMD himself could be created and kept up to date to detail the following. What is working, what is on the bug solving list, and what system have been disabled.

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