TMD-help-menu Commands could be divided into 5 category.


  • /map
Give you the website link for a Map.
  • /ads
Open the Ads menu any where, who suggest to open a link to watch ads; but meet certain conditions.
  • /website
Give you the link to the website.
  • /vote
Give you the links to the Vote system. See Crates.
  • /rules
Give you a link to the website's server rules.
  • /apply
Link to apply for helper.
  • /report
Link to report Buggs or abuse.
  • /buy
Link to the website shop.


Those are available almost on every servers

  • /server xxx
This one allow you to easily change server passing from : TMD-1 to TMD-7, TMDO-1, HN-1, HN-2, Hub-1 to Hub-4
Note : Added in May 2017, we have TMDPRC-1
Note : in the /server list there is links for 2 tutorial, but actually they are disabled
  • /lobby
This one send you back into HAVROCMC main lobby. Could be useful when you encounter some lag, while playing.

Game lobby

Theses one could only be used before you spawn on map

  • /Kit
Open the kit selection page in The Mining dead lobby
  • /sz
Open the selection page in The Mining dead lobby
  • /tutorial
Worked before to open a tutorial session
  • /warp
Lend more spawning option than /sz, but is only available to HAVOCMC Ranks.
  • /play
Spawn at a random location
  • /help
Show the help screen, have almost all the previous option.
  • /resource
Give you option about game's resources
  • /skin
Give you option to change your Gun Camo
  • /rank
Suggest to read website shop to learn about them. See also Ranks


  • /Team xxx
This one contain a few option. When empty, suggest a few option. /Team info xxx. Leave empty to print your own team info, or specify to read information on others teams.
  • /sz e, /sz enter
Teleport the players inside a safe zone when he is nearby and accept to stay immobile for the next 5 sec.
  • /Trading PlAyErNaMe
Withing less than 5 blocks away, you could open a Trading menu with an another players. May be easier to set up inside a safe zone.
  • /stats xxx
Leave empty to learn your fighting stats, or specify a player name to learn his stats.
See also :
  • /tpaccept
To accept a request from someone else
  • /suicide
Teleport you to the server lobby
  • /help
Show the help screen, but work better in game lobby
  • /resource
Give you option about game's resources
  • /nextrefill
No longer work
  • /find xxx
To find a player
  • /bal, /money
To print your balance
Rank page describe a few more commands who is limited to players who invested real money.


  • Team chat
active team chat using /t chat, or send a reply to your team stating a line with "@ then your Message"
Note : How do we deactivate team chat? /say (send to all)
  • Global / Local
Use /shout on, /s off to switch between Global and Local chat (200 blocks radius)
  • /msg PlAyErNaMe
chat visible only between (/tell /msg) two players. Work with more but don't know how to write arguments
Does this work? /msg [name=x, name=y] Message
  • /r
send a quick response to someone who send you a /msg recently.
  • /me
Minecraft command used to leave a message about yourself. Broadcast your actions

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