• ShadowTaco0

    First Day

    June 19, 2017 by ShadowTaco0

    This is currently my first day after joining the Wiki. All I have really done to day is fix some grammatical mistakes made by the original owner of The Mining Dead wiki and have created and edited a few notes. Nothing too exciting. In the future, I plan on adding a lot more sections and a lot more pages as well as linking some videos of some sort. In the mean time, I am going to clean up the existing pages. See ya around! :)


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  • Alcool007

    Happy Birth Day!

    June 2, 2017 by Alcool007

    Who have stolen the happy birthday? I suggest you meet online to figure it out, since you all have the same birthday date ;) Happy Birthday!

    Note I've got that information on the havoc website, under [1]

    29 June

    DerpyCreeperYT Goldie_Bear MarineSnake ShroomyGoblin

    28 June

    CreeperGaming21 Emerald628 Hai_ItsCamille Josh098 Smach28 SoStupid _FlameStar_

    27 June

    BlakePlays02 MrKNuti Skrymbee SomeDumbCat (32 likes)

    26 June

    DahankyKong DmDominiguez01 SuperDude4299 The_Real_TedBear Zacharystevo

    25 June

    Billy_Stacks Grizzly47 JulianWave PureCommie Wildfur JR.MOD (66 Likes) XraySnoopy _LizardDaWizard_

    24 June

    KingJoe_Pro MaxCool175 Sluggles

    23 June

    AmigoGames CarelessPomie Dpex81 iExelta Lizie7 MRnutella10 SpoookyFTW TheObserveGamer

    22 June

    Blazing_Wookie Brad412 B…

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  • Alcool007

    Best looting spots

    May 22, 2017 by Alcool007

    Depend on what you want to loot! Current map's nicest spots are specialized!

    Contain a few hard to loot tiers 4 weapons (AK47, M60, P90, UZI), as long as cars and motor bikes. But this area lack in Armor pieces.

    Contain nice armor pieces, but lack in vehicles, weapons by variety. Its a good medicine looting area

    Have both nicest armor and weapons, but somehow contain more tiers 2 armor and tiers 3 weapons. Still a good looting place for P90.

    Contain lots of "garage" like loots. You may either find nice cars by pieces, or melee weapons.

    This place have the highest range of loots, but since, there is not so much loots inside, either you may be happy or staying Hungry about tiers 4 weapons, armor piece, or vehicles.

    Players usually miss that spot, …

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  • Alcool007

    I've got a few nice spot to share too :)

    Hard to find burned car in the middle of nowhere

    Loot-able boat


    Hermit shack

    Feel free to update a page about one of theses topic ;)

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  • Alcool007

    In-game Print screen

    March 30, 2017 by Alcool007

    There is a blog about some awesome moment or funny discovery in The Mining dead

    A few picture of special zombie.

    • Gaz Station
    • Road arround Berxley
    • Newnan factory roof
    • Probably Haralson
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