Senoia, Georgia have as nick name Alexandria is a Location in The Mining Dead who could be located using a Compass. Note : Players could also warp there, if they meet a Ranks condition. It is a well defended location, with a front gate capable of being closed from the inside, with guard posts along the wall, allowing the defenders to engage attackers safely. There is also a secret second entrance that is known only to a select few.

While Alexandria is a well defended spot the loot that generates there is average for anywhere else, and has no known special loot hiding space.

There is a few surrounding locations :

  • Warehouse
  • Hampton
  • Sanctuary
  • Griffin
  • Viskocil library

Not so far, there is

  • Savior's Outpost (Savior water tower)
  • Hilltop Colony
  • The Kingdom
  • Tracktor Place
  • The Quarry

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