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News & anouncement

  1. Map maker contest is over [other thread]
  2. The mining dead new map is in progress
  3. Hell night might be updated, as suggested with less running and more action
  4. Adds have been implemented
  5. _Nickk (Owner) is ready to read your suggestion on this topic.

  1. Smaller map
  2. Smaller Atlanta and a few old location would be added back
  3. General Server version downgrade to 1.8 without "player's reset"
    1. No lost in items variety (melee weapons)
The specifics of 1.8:
Camos will stay somehow (other thread) No dual wielding IgnitingIce (Owner) No need to delete any melee We will have only 1 or 2 texture packs as opposed to 3.
Players will need to be in 1.9+ for a visual effect of zooming down sights New Item: Bandage When bit, players will bleed and will need a bandage Supply drops added to TMD?
4 or 5 servers as opposed to 8
  • Furnace would be usable to cook food
  • Invisible torch will replace end rod

Statue unread yet
Nov 2016 to 31 mar 2017

Ideas and suggestions

Suggestion about adding a command to print /skulls

Suggestions patroled by Wavy_Buster (Jr Mod) and _VC_ (Head Builder)

Creating Team A, VS Team B battle on a smaller, or limited version of the map. Ex : Savior Vs Alexandria!

Weapons stats, variety and skins suggestions

A Variety of zombie, consistency of weapons, harder scavenging, and a worn-out system...!

Control objective in TMD

2 teams, alike all out war

New ideas by SniperFido77

New kits inspired from videogames

More rank benefit in Hell night

How to implement tournament

More model shape and animation on characters

HADVOCMC and the advertising

Ninjamaster0420 bunch of ideas

... next, coming as soon as I read it Alcool007 Contact Help us build a nice and friendly community on wikia :) 01:33, April 26, 2017 (UTC)

Server-TMD-Ideas and suggestions

(GucciAssSloth) Suggestion :Bring hordes back, more complex warps trigger, Skull % in hell night

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